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Jaded Artist

April 19th, 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but the lack of enthusiasm to my artistry lately has had me in a slump. You know typical boring life stuff like questioning your existence and wondering if you’re on the right path of adulthood. I’m in my 30’s with no kids and have never been married so I’m not your average joe, or maybe I am. But it seems like everyone else around me has been there done that. Any who’s I make art when I feel motivated to do so, otherwise you won’t see much from me. But that’s the problem, when you put down your craft you start to wonder whether it’s truly your passion or not. Whether you were meant to be expressing yourself through the arts or fall off like a one hit wonder. I can go days, even months without wanting to be creative and then out of nowhere…boom I get a spark and I’m lit for days at a time. I’m currently riding my own wave hoping this spark will be here to stay one day. Until then, I’ll just keep trying my best! I hope everyone is out there living their dreams and chasing that spark we all deserve.

Yours truly,

Amber Jarrett